Parts & Accessories

We carry a large stock of Bongo and Freeda parts & accessories

We have a wide range of services and accessories available which include...

  • Towbars (including caravan split)
  • Rear fog lights, speedo + chip conversions
  • Alloy wheels and full or side conversion fitment
  • In car entertainment solutions, stereo fitting
  • Roof racks, ladders, bike racks
  • Front and rear bullbars
  • Grill & body make overs
  • Remote centeral locking
  • Various Awnings and Tents
  • Decals removal, application + graphics

Steering and Suspension

Droplinks, springs, shocks, bushes,brackets, mountings, steering racks, track rod ends, bottom suspension arms, wheel bearings, ball joints, steering column, ujs. pack gaitors, driveshaft + boots.

Cooling & Heating

Radiator hoses, thermostat, water pump, heater fan motor diode pack, Aircon pipes.

Transmissions & Everything Else

Clutch, Lighting, exhausts, oil, seals, gaskets, electrical, injection components, mirror lenses, pack, Aircon pipes, battery.